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A Comparison of Different Bluetooth Audio Compression Technologies

Bluetooth has been adopted for streaming music to headsets and also stereo headphones in addition to loudspeakers lately. There now is a flat of Bluetooth wireless speakers on the market. Let me discuss different ways in which audio can be transmitted via Bluetooth.

Entry-level Bluetooth products typically use the standard Bluetooth compression which is called SBC or sub-band coding. As an example, Amphony Bluetooth receivers utilize this protocol. The advantage of this protocol is that every Bluetooth device which supports streaming of audio supports it. However, the disadvantage is that there is quite a latency being caused by the algorithm. Typically, the audio will be delayed by about .2 seconds. This can cause synchronization issues if you use Bluetooth streaming in conjunction with video.

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For these real-time applications, there are other compression schemes which are more advanced and have low …

How Well Do Airplay Wireless Speakers Work?

These past few years, Airplay wireless speakers have become more mainstream. Initially, the only used to be a few models but now there are at least 15 models from different manufacturers available. All of these models are fairly high end. That is not surprising because the protocol is much more advanced than other protocols such as Bluetooth. In comparison to Bluetooth, Airplay supports transmission of uncompressed audio. This is a huge advantage from Bluetooth because without audio compression, the audio fidelity will be much improved.

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So how well do Airplay wireless speakers work? Unfortunately, this question is difficult to answer. While the protocol itself is fairly standardized because it was designed by just one company: Apple, different manufacturers have been implementing the protocol in different ways. As a result, the performance of their products differs. Some products worked fairly well …

Some Tricks for Setting up Home Theater Systems

More and more people enjoy watching movies at home rather than traveling by car to the nearest movie theater. Given the increase in ticket prices lately that hardly seems like a surprise. Of course, if you watch movies at home then you will miss out on the atmosphere. But then again, you can watch them whenever you have time and also you can pause if there’s something urgent. If you get a call your cell phone, for example, you can simply stop the movie and then talk on the phone which would be impossible in the movie theater. Also, if you miss the audience then why not invite some friends over to your house to enjoy the movie with you. However, before you can start enjoying home movies, you will have to do some preparation first. In particular, you will …

What Type of Wireless Speakers Sell Best?

I’ve researched wireless speakers lately and discovered that certain types of speakers sell much better than others. In this article, I’m trying to analyze which speakers sell the best these days and which speakers fail and come up some recommendations for speaker manufacturers.

Obviously, one of the driving factors of sales is the cost of the speakers. As with most other consumer devices, the following rule applies: the lower the cost the higher the sales. However, as a manufacturer of wireless speakers I would not focus on manufacturing entry-level speakers. That is because the low-and market is fairly saturated right now. That means that you will be competing with many other manufacturers and the final margin which you are making will be fairly low. Instead, my recommendation is to focus on more lucrative speakers. These speakers cover the medium and …